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Unleash the power of
AI-Generated Music

License ethically sourced and copyright cleared premium datasets for AI-driven music generation, fueling creativity and innovation in the music industry.

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The World's 1st AI Music Dataset Licensing Service

What to expect from us

A hand holding up a three people against a transparent background. The image symbolizes ethical sourcing and fair trade practices.

Ethically Sourced

Preserving musical copyrights and artists' rights, ensuring a responsible and innovative AI landscape

A copyright symbol in white with a green checkmark next to it against a transparent background. The image symbolizes that our content has been legally cleared for use and is free from any copyright restrictions.

Copyright Cleared

All copyrights within datasets are either fully owned by GCX or affiliated parties, ensuring a reliable AI training framework

A prize ribbon in white against a transparent background. The image symbolizes that the files being referred to are of superior quality.


Experience premium audio quality in our datasets, featuring Midi, Stems, and WAV files for a superior training experience

An image of a paper with a gear inside it and various lines extending outwards to form connections, against a background of light colors. The image symbolizes the concept of rich metadata, where information about a file or content is stored and connected in a complex and detailed manner.


Discover rich metadata for every file, encompassing key, tempo, instrumentation, descriptions, chord progressions and more

An image of a circle with an infinity sign inside it, against a plain background. The image symbolizes the concept of unlimited editing, where there are no limits or restrictions on the number of times a file or content can be edited or modified.

Unlimited Customization

License our datasets 'as is' or tailor them to emphasize genres, world cultures, instruments, vocals, and beyond

Top Datasets for AI Music

Unlock the full potential of AI Music with the worlds largest music datasets

Meticulously curated datasets to provide unparalleled accuracy, diversity, and creativity in your generative music projects. From classical to modern genres, our datasets are sourced from top industry professionals, ensuring high-quality and legally compliant music for your AI needs.



Versatile datasets containing millions of melodies and harmonies spanning various genres.

Datasets new.png


Curated drum patterns and rhythms designed for cutting-edge AI percussion generation.



A comprehensive dataset covering a wide range of musical genres, perfect for creating AI-generated playlists.



A vast collection of vocal samples and phrases, enabling AI to create expressive and dynamic vocal performances.

Revolutionize the Music Landscape with
AI-Generated Music

Experience the future of AI music creation with ethically and legally sourced datasets from Global Copyright Exchange. Our top-quality datasets allow you to revolutionize the music landscape by producing unique, diverse, and high-quality compositions effortlessly. 

An image with yellow hues featuring a futuristic music sheet with a treble clef, three quarter notes connected by a bar, and an eighth note.


 Create unique, captivating soundscapes with AI-generated music tailored to specific genres, moods, or themes.

An image of a sound board/turntable with colorful lights, buttons, and a futuristic design. The image portrays a professional and modern music production setup, with the colorful lights enhancing the visual appeal of the equipment.


Enhance video games, films, and other media with custom AI-generated soundtracks that adapt in real-time.



Power music recommendation engines with data-driven insights, enabling personalized experiences for listeners.



Design memorable sonic identities for brands using AI-generated music, sounds, and jingles.


GCX dataset pricing is based on the volume of data you require and your use case. Please read our pricing page and contact us for more details.

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