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Media Production

Power music recommendation engines with data-driven insights, enabling personalized experiences for listeners. Our curated datasets provide the foundation for AI to suggest music that aligns with individual tastes and preferences.

Example Projects

An image of two gaming controllers for Xbox and PlayStation, with a purple-ish blue hue in the background. The controllers are arranged side by side, with the Xbox controller on the left and the PlayStation controller on the right. The image is intended to showcase the differences in design and functionality between the two popular gaming consoles, and to evoke a sense of the competitive spirit of gaming culture.


A video game where AI-generated soundtrack adapts to the player's action and environment, creating a truly immersive experience


Utilize entirely AI-generated music for film and TV scores, employing specific prompts to craft the precise auditory atmosphere required for each scene, seamlessly complementing the on-screen action and emotion.  

An image of an old film viewer, a machine that was once used in cinemas to project movies. The machine is shown from a side view and has a red and blue background. The image evokes a sense of nostalgia for the early days of cinema technology, and symbolizes the magic and wonder of the movies. The image also implies a sense of historical significance, as the film viewer was an important part of the development of modern entertainment technology.
An image of a microphone set against a blue background. The microphone is shown in a side view and appears to be a professional-grade microphone commonly used for recording or live performances. The blue background may evoke a sense of calmness, professionalism, or creativity.


Prodcast producers can leverage AI-generated music to create custom themes and background music enriching their audio storytelling.

Recommended Datasets for Media Production

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