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Music Recommendation

Power music recommendation engines with data-driven insights, enabling personalized experiences for listeners. Our curated datasets provide the foundation for AI to suggest music that aligns with individual tastes and preferences.

Example Projects

An image of a recording setup using a laptop, a small microphone, and a headset. The laptop is shown on a desk or table, with the microphone and headset visible next to it. The setup may be used for podcasting, voiceovers, or other types of audio recording. The image implies a sense of simplicity and accessibility, suggesting that anyone can create high-quality recordings with just a few basic tools.


A music streaming service can use AI to generate personalized playlists for their users, resulting in increased use engagement and satisfaction


A video editing app recommending music for videos based on deep metadata across their music offering.

An image of a person sitting in front of a desktop computer while using video editing software. The person's face is not visible, but their arms and hands are visible as they manipulate the computer mouse and keyboard. The computer screen shows a video editing program with a timeline and various video clips or frames. The image may represent the importance of technology in modern video production and the creative process. It may also convey a sense of productivity, dedication, or attention to detail required in video editing.
An image of two people running on a treadmill in a gym. One person, a woman, is on the left side of the treadmill wearing headphones, while the other person, a man, is a bit further away on the right side. Both are dressed in athletic wear and appear to be mid-workout. The image may convey the idea of a healthy and active lifestyle, as well as the social aspect of working out with others. It may also represent the importance of physical fitness and exercise for overall health and well-being.


A health & fitness app can utilize AI to suggest music tailored to users' moods, enhancing relaxation, focus, or motivation.

Recommended Datasets for Music Recommendation

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