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  • How does the Global Copyright Exchange (GCX) work for AI and synthetic/generative music datasets?
    GCX is a licensing service from Rightsify that facilitates the process of acquiring and managing copyrights for AI-generated and synthetic music datasets. By providing a centralized platform for researchers and developers, we streamline the process of obtaining permissions for large scale music datasets with unmatched labeling and annotations.
  • Are all copyrights cleared through the GCX?
    Yes, all GCX datasets are wholly owned by Rightsify and affiliated parties via work for hire agreements. Rightsify and GCX offers a one-stop license for perpetual commercial licenses for generative AI applications and provides indemnification to licensees. This guarantees that users can confidently use the datasets without worrying about potential legal issues.
  • How is the pricing determined for licensing AI music datasets?
    Pricing for licensing AI-generated and synthetic music datasets is determined based on various factors, including the dataset's size, complexity, and intended use. We also take into consideration the rights being granted and the duration of the license.
  • What are the typical use cases for the GCXs licensing service?
    Our licensing service is ideal for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to: AI and machine learning research, music generation, music information retrieval, source separation, multimedia projects, advertising, virtual and augmented reality experiences, and more. If you're unsure whether your project is suitable, please feel free to contact us for further guidance.
  • Are there any limitations on how the licensed AI-generated or synthetic music datasets can be used?
    Our datasets include unlimited usage rights for generative and synthetic media training and commercial exploitation. However, the copyrights within our datasets cannot be used “as is” for commercial use and are licensed only for generative and synthetic media uses. Please refer to the terms of your individual license for detailed information on any limitations.
  • Can GCX help me generate my own AI-generated or synthetic music?
    GCX is Rightsify's dataset licensing division and does not train models. For easy access to high quality music generation and fine-tuning projects, please see Rightsify's Hydra models.
  • What steps does the GCX take to ensure the integrity of copyrighted works and privacy rights of its contributors?
    All datasets from GCX and Rightsify are wholly owned via work for hire agreements. For datasets including a humans likeness (ie: recorded vocals or speech) we obtain a biometric privacy release from each human individual that has contributed to a dataset.
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