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New Age

The New Age Dataset for AI-Generated Music is a remarkable collection designed to create serene and atmospheric compositions. This unique AI music dataset harnesses cutting-edge technology to generate and manipulate Music in the captivating genre of the New Age.

Whether you're looking to enhance meditation sessions, create background music for relaxation or mindfulness content, or explore the tranquil realms of New Age music, the New Age Dataset for AI-Generated Music is the perfect resource. Immerse yourself in its ambient melodies and embark on a transformative musical journey that resonates with peace and serenity.

Dataset Highlights


Ethereal Soundscape

The New Age Dataset offers a rich collection of ethereal soundscapes that capture the serene and meditative qualities of the New Age genre.


Relaxing Instrumentation

Delve into a world of soothing instrumentation with the New Age Dataset. This collection showcases an array of calming instruments, such as gentle pianos, airy flutes, soft guitars, and atmospheric pads.

Textured Ambient Sound.gif

Textured Ambient Sounds

These textures range from subtle background layers to more pronounced sonic atmospheres, offering an immersive and contemplative sonic experience. 


Meditative Rhythms

While New Age music often emphasizes tranquility and ambiance, the dataset also features meditative rhythms that can add a subtle rhythmic dimension to AI-generated compositions. 

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Drawing from a meticulously curated assortment of soothing melodies, ethereal sounds, and ambient textures, the New Age Dataset serves as a wellspring of inspiration for musicians, content creators, and anyone seeking to evoke tranquility and introspection through their compositions.


This AI music dataset offers a diverse range of New Age musical elements, including gentle piano motifs, atmospheric synthesizer pads, delicate nature sounds, and more. The dataset has been meticulously compiled from renowned artists and industry professionals, ensuring a rich and authentic New Age experience.

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