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"New Age" is an enchanting AI music dataset crafted to transport listeners to tranquility and introspection. This meticulously curated collection showcases the soothing and ethereal soundscapes synonymous with the New Age genre. With its serene melodies, gentle instrumentation, and ambient textures, "New Age" offers a diverse array of high-quality recordings and expertly annotated metadata.

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Dataset Specifications

Total Audio Tracks: Up to 100k New Age tracks
Type: Genre (New Age)
File Format: WAV, FLAC, MP3, CSV, JSON

Dataset includes:

  • Duration

  • Key

  • Tempo

  • BPM Range

  • Mood

  • Energy

  • Description

  • Keywords

  • Chord Progressions

  • Timestamps

  • Time Signature

  • Number of Bars

Purchasing License

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Free audio sample available

The "New Age" AI music dataset is a captivating collection of recordings embodying the New Age genre's tranquil and meditative qualities. With its carefully curated recordings, the "New Age" dataset provides diverse compositions featuring gentle piano melodies, ethereal synthesizer pads, and calming nature sounds.

Within this dataset, you will discover a wealth of recordings encompassing various sub-genres, from ambient and electronic New Age to world fusion and meditative music. Each recording is accompanied by descriptive metadata, including tempo, key signatures, instrumentation, and thematic information, providing valuable insights for analysis and research.

This dataset serves as a foundation for studying New Age music's therapeutic and relaxing qualities, as well as a valuable tool for AI-driven music generation, ambient soundscaping, and immersive audio experiences.

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