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The House Dataset for AI-Generated Music is meticulously curated and designed to provide a rich collection of high-quality house music elements, enabling users to explore and create captivating AI-generated house music compositions.


With its comprehensive collection of high-quality samples, cutting-edge AI technology, and the ability to spark creative ideas, this dataset enables you to dive into AI-generated house music and elevate your productions to new heights. Embrace the groove, energy, and spirit of house music with the House Dataset and redefine the boundaries of electronic music creation.

Dataset Highlights


Diverse House Music Styles

The House Dataset offers an extensive collection of diverse house music styles, including deep house, tech house, progressive house, and more.

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Professional Quality Samples

These high-fidelity samples ensure that the AI-generated Music maintains an authentic and professional sound, allowing users to create tracks that rival those produced by seasoned artists.


Customizable Beats and Grooves

 From classic four-on-the-floor rhythms to intricate percussion patterns, the dataset offers flexibility in crafting unique and infectious rhythms that define the energetic pulse of house music.

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Dynamic Range Arrangements

The House Dataset allows users to build dynamic arrangements by incorporating various elements such as build-ups, drops, breakdowns, and transitions.


The dataset offers an extensive selection of meticulously crafted house music samples, including drum patterns, basslines, synth melodies, vocal hooks, and atmospheric elements. These elements encompass various sub-genres within house music, such as a deep house, tech house, progressive house, and more. Each sample has been carefully sourced from top industry professionals, ensuring its authenticity and musicality.

The dataset empowers users to experiment, remix, and manipulate these samples, allowing for the creation of unique and dynamic house music tracks. Whether you're looking to produce dancefloor bangers, chill house vibes, or experimental house fusion, this dataset is a creative catalyst for unleashing your musical imagination.

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