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"House" is an electrifying AI music dataset carefully curated to capture the house music genre's infectious energy and pulsating beats. This dynamic collection features various house tracks, including deep house, tech house, progressive house, and more. With its high-quality recordings and expertly annotated metadata, this dataset offers a vibrant and inspiring musical landscape.

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Dataset Specifications

Total Audio Tracks: Up to 100k House tracks
Type: Genre (House)
File Format: WAV, FLAC, MP3, CSV, JSON

Dataset includes:

  • Duration

  • Key

  • Tempo

  • BPM Range

  • Mood

  • Energy

  • Description

  • Keywords

  • Chord Progressions

  • Timestamps

  • Time Signature

  • Number of Bars

Purchasing License

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Free audio sample available

The "House" AI music dataset is a cutting-edge collection of electronic music samples and compositions that aims to revolutionize the field of music generation using artificial intelligence. This comprehensive dataset encompasses various sub-genres within the house music realm, including deep house, tech house, progressive house, and more.

The detailed metadata associated with each sample in the "House" dataset provides valuable insights into the composition, including information about the BPM, key, instrumentation, groove patterns, and stylistic characteristics. This rich context enables researchers and AI algorithms to delve into the intricacies of house music production and develop advanced models capable of generating authentic and compelling house music compositions.

This dataset is a powerful tool for pushing the boundaries of music generation and driving innovation in electronic music.

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