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Ukulele Dataset for AI-Generated Music

Ukulele is a delightful AI music dataset that centers around the enchanting sounds of the ukulele. Tailored to bring out the unique charm of this beloved instrument, the dataset features a diverse and comprehensive collection of ukulele melodies and strumming patterns. From cheerful island-inspired tunes to emotive ballads, "Ukulele" encompasses a wide range of genres and playing styles, all played on different types of ukuleles.

Ukulele is a specialized AI music dataset curated to elevate the realm of music generation, placing the spotlight exclusively on the charming tones of the ukulele. This comprehensive collection presents a diverse array of ukulele strumming patterns, encompassing various playing styles, techniques, and enchanting chord progressions, showcasing a variety of genres and moods, all performed on different types of ukuleles.

The dataset's meticulous metadata accompanies each sample, offering a wealth of context, including details about the ukulele type, strumming technique, specific chords, tempo, and dynamic range.

This comprehensive compilation boasts a wide range of ukulele strumming patterns. From cheerful island-inspired tunes to heartfelt ballads, this dataset captures the essence of this beloved instrument, played on different ukulele types, each with its unique timbre and character. Unleash the soulful allure of the ukulele with this revolutionary AI music dataset meticulously designed to inspire the evolution of music generation.

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Dataset Highlights


Authentic Ukulele Sounds

From cheerful strumming patterns to melodic plucks, this dataset provides a comprehensive range of ukulele elements to create AI-generated music that exudes the charm and warmth of the ukulele.

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Versatile Chord Progressions

With a wide variety of chord progressions, the Ukulele Dataset allows for versatile musical compositions.


Rhythmic Patterns and Strumming Techniques

From gentle fingerpicking to lively strumming, these patterns and techniques provide the foundation for creating authentic and expressive ukulele performances using AI-generated music.


Melodic Phrases and Licks

Enhance your AI-generated ukulele music with melodic phrases and licks from the dataset.


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