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Synthwave dataset for AI-Generated Music

The Synthwave Dataset provides a unique opportunity to investigate the genre's distinguishing features. Models trained on this dataset can excel at genre classification, mood analysis, and even identifying unique Synthwave subgenres, which improves the capabilities of automated music analysis systems.

The Synthwave Metadata Enriched Audio Dataset is a pioneering resource for training machine learning models for a variety of music-related applications. With its precise metadata annotations and broad range of audio files, this dataset is primed to stimulate creativity and push the frontiers of what AI can accomplish in the field of Synthwave music.

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Dataset Highlights


Synthwave Aesthetics

Immerse your AI models in the iconic sounds of synthwave, known for its nostalgic blend of 1980s electronic vibes, pulsating synths, and evocative melodies. The dataset encapsulates the essence of this genre, providing a foundation for AI-generated music that resonates with the distinctive allure of retro-futurism.

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Multi-layered Components

Synthwave goes beyond standard musical datasets by offering multilayered components. Each track includes separate stems for synthesizers, drums, basslines, and other instrumental elements. This granularity empowers AI algorithms to craft intricate compositions with the layered depth characteristic of synthwave music.


Diverse Sub-genres

From the dreamy atmospheres of chillwave to the high-energy beats of outrun, Synthwave covers a spectrum of sub-genres within the broader synthwave category. This diversity allows AI composers to explore various moods and styles, ensuring versatility in the AI-generated music landscape.


Rich Metadata

Every musical element in the Synthwave dataset comes with detailed annotations and metadata, offering valuable information about tempo, key, and other musical attributes. This enables AI models to understand and manipulate the nuances of synthwave, ensuring a high level of precision in music generation.


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