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The Vocal Dataset for AI-Generated Music is a game-changing collection of vocal samples specifically designed to fuel the creation of AI-generated Music. This innovative AI music dataset offers a wide range of meticulously curated vocal samples that empower users to integrate expressive vocals into their AI-generated compositions seamlessly.

This vocal dataset is invaluable whether you seek to infuse your AI-generated Music with captivating melodies, soulful expressions, or mesmerizing harmonies. Elevate your AI-generated compositions to new heights of authenticity, emotion, and creativity by harnessing the power of the Vocal Dataset for AI-Generated Music. Experience a new era of music production where AI and vocals seamlessly converge to redefine the boundaries of musical expression.

Dataset Highlights


Vast Collection of Vocal Samples

The Vocal Dataset for AI-Generated Music offers an extensive collection of high-quality vocal samples, including male and female vocals, solo performances, group harmonies, and various vocal styles.


Expressive and Emotional Performances

The dataset features expressive and emotionally rich vocal performances encompassing a wide range of moods, from intimate and heartfelt to energetic and powerful.


Customizable Vocal Styles

Each vocal style within the dataset is carefully crafted to capture the essence of its genre, providing a wide array of options to match different musical preferences and project requirements.

Flexible 2.gif

Flexible Pitch and Tempo Options

The Vocal Dataset offers flexibility in terms of pitch and tempo, allowing users to adjust and customize the vocal samples to align perfectly with their musical compositions.


Comprising diverse vocal styles, including male and female vocals, solo performances, harmonies, and various musical genres, this dataset caters to the creative needs of music producers, content creators, and AI enthusiasts. The vocal samples have been carefully sourced from accomplished industry professionals, ensuring exceptional quality and legality.

The Vocal Dataset for AI-Generated Music goes beyond mere replication, as it leverages advanced AI technology to generate new vocal samples based on existing ones.

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