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"Sound Effects" is an AI dataset meticulously curated to revolutionize machine learning applications and audio generation. This collection comprises a diverse array of tracks paired with detailed metadata, offering an unparalleled resource for exploring the rich tapestry of auditory experiences.

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Dataset Specifications

Total Audio Tracks: Up to 100k Sound Effects tracks
Type: Genre (Sound Effects)
File Format: WAV, FLAC, MP3, CSV, JSON

Dataset includes:

  • Duration

  • Key

  • Tempo

  • BPM Range

  • Mood

  • Energy

  • Description

  • Keywords

  • Chord Progressions

  • Timestamps

  • Time Signature

  • Number of Bars

Purchasing License

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Free audio sample available

The Sound Effects Dataset is a vast collection of audio tracks paired with detailed metadata, tailored to advance machine learning applications across diverse domains. This dataset features an extensive array of meticulously crafted sound effects, carefully designed to enhance auditory experiences in various media productions, gaming contexts, and virtual environments.

Central to the Sound Effects Dataset is a wide range of audio samples, spanning from ambient sounds to intricate Foley effects, meticulously curated to immerse listeners in dynamic settings and narratives. Whether it's the rumble of thunder, the chirping of birds, or the clang of swords, each sound effect serves as a crucial building block in creating rich, multi-dimensional audio environments.

Augmenting the audio tracks are comprehensive metadata annotations, providing valuable insights into the attributes, context, and utilization of each sound effect. From detailed descriptions to precise timestamps, this metadata empowers machine learning models to understand and manipulate sound design intricacies, facilitating tasks such as generative sound synthesis, music information retrieval (MIR), and source separation. The Sound Effects Dataset offers a wealth of opportunities for researchers, developers, and enthusiasts to explore and innovate in the realm of audio technology, enabling the creation of immersive and captivating auditory experiences across various mediums.

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