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"Bossa Nova" is a captivating AI music dataset meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the iconic Brazilian musical style. This carefully curated collection features an extensive repertoire of Bossa Nova performances, showcasing the unique fusion of samba rhythms, smooth melodies, and lyrical storytelling.

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Dataset Specifications

Total Audio Tracks: Up to 100k Bossa Nova tracks
Type: Genre (Bossa Nova)
File Format: WAV, FLAC, MP3, CSV, JSON

Dataset includes:

  • Duration

  • Key

  • Tempo

  • BPM Range

  • Mood

  • Energy

  • Description

  • Keywords

  • Chord Progressions

  • Timestamps

  • Time Signature

  • Number of Bars

Purchasing License

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Free audio sample available

"Bossa Nova" is a specialized AI music dataset that captures the essence of the enchanting Brazilian musical style. With a focus on the unique rhythms, melodic phrasing, and harmonies of Bossa Nova, this dataset provides a comprehensive collection of recordings that embody the genre's signature blend of samba and jazz influences.

Within the "Bossa Nova" dataset, you will find a diverse range of performances by talented musicians, each contributing their interpretations of Bossa Nova compositions. The recordings are accompanied by descriptive metadata, including tempo, rhythm patterns, and harmonic progressions, which facilitate in-depth analysis and research.

This dataset offers a valuable platform to delve into this beloved Brazilian music genre's rhythmic intricacies, melodic subtleties, and harmonic richness. Gain insights into the unique stylings of Bossa Nova, explore the interplay between voice and guitar, and uncover the cultural heritage embedded within the genre's captivating melodies.

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