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The Piano Dataset for AI-Generated Music is an exceptional resource that brings the power of the piano to the world of AI-generated Music. This unique AI music dataset offers a comprehensive collection of meticulously recorded piano samples, providing users with an extensive range of piano sounds and performances to incorporate into their compositions.

Elevate your AI-generated Music with the rich tones and captivating melodies of the piano, and unlock a world of endless musical potential.

Dataset Highlights


Comprehensive Collection

The Piano Dataset offers a vast and comprehensive collection of meticulously recorded piano samples, covering a wide range of musical styles, genres, and playing techniques.

High-quality Records.gif

High-Quality Recordings

Each sample is captured with exceptional clarity, dynamics, and attention to detail, ensuring that AI-generated music retains an actual piano performance's expressive nuances and authenticity.


Variations in Articulation

Whether you seek delicate staccatos, expressive legatos, dramatic chords, or virtuosic runs, the dataset offers an array of articulation variations to add depth and realism to your AI-generated piano compositions.


Dynamic Range and Expression

The dataset highlights a wide dynamic range, ranging from gentle and intimate pianissimos to powerful and resonant fortissimos.


The dataset features various piano styles, including classical, jazz, contemporary, and more, ensuring versatility and catering to different musical preferences.


The piano samples within the dataset have been expertly captured from high-quality recordings, delivering exceptional sound fidelity and authenticity.

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