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The Koto Dataset for AI-Generated Music is a unique AI music dataset tailored explicitly for creating authentic and captivating compositions inspired by traditional Japanese Music. This unique dataset harnesses the power of advanced AI technology to generate and manipulate Music that embodies the rich cultural heritage of the koto instrument.

Unlock the enchanting sounds of the koto and immerse yourself in the beauty of Japanese Music with the Koto Dataset for AI-Generated Music. Elevate your compositions, captivate your audience, and embrace the rich cultural heritage of Japan through the power of AI-generated Music.

Dataset Highlights


Authentic Koto Samples

The Koto Dataset for AI-Generated Music offers an extensive collection of original Koto samples meticulously recorded by professional Koto players.


Versatile Koto Styles

Whether you're seeking to compose serene melodies reminiscent of traditional Japanese music or fuse Koto sounds with modern electronic elements, the dataset provides versatile Koto styles to suit your creative vision.


Comprehensive Note Range

From gentle and delicate notes to bold and dramatic strikes, you have the flexibility to craft AI-generated music that spans across various octaves and intensities, adding depth and emotion to your compositions.


Expressive Articulations

With carefully captured expressive articulations, such as slides, bends, vibrato, and plucking techniques, the Koto Dataset empowers you to infuse your AI-generated music with the distinctive characteristics of the instrument.


The Koto Dataset features a diverse collection of meticulously curated melodies, scales, and playing techniques. These musical elements have been carefully sourced from expert koto players and composers, ensuring the highest authenticity and quality.

With the Koto Dataset, users can delve into the world of AI-generated Music inspired by traditional Japanese culture.

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