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Trumpet dataset for AI-Generated Music

The Trumpet AI Music Dataset is a comprehensive collection that celebrates the iconic sound and dynamic versatility of the trumpet, transcending genres and captivating audiences worldwide. From spirited jazz solos to majestic orchestral fanfares, each audio recording is carefully annotated, providing chords, instrumentation, key, tempo, timestamps and much more.

This dataset aims to empowered users create sophisticated algorithms capable of analysing and synthesising trumpet performances with precision, thereby breaking the boundaries of music analysis and sampling in the field of brass instruments by means of a detailed metadata attached to each recording. This also thereby makes the trumpet dataset an essential resource for research on music information retrieval.

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Dataset Highlights


Varied Trumpet Styles

The "Trumpet" dataset includes a diverse range of trumpet performances, covering various playing styles such as jazz, classical, and contemporary, providing a versatile resource for trumpeters, composers, and music producers.

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Authentic Trumpet Performances

Meticulously captured recordings showcase the expressive capabilities, tonal nuances, and dynamic range of the trumpet, ensuring realism and depth in musical compositions.


Ethically Sourced and Copyright-Cleared

Committed to ethical standards, all content in the dataset is responsibly sourced and copyright-cleared, allowing users to utilize the trumpet recordings with confidence while upholding ethical practices in music creation.


Premium Audio Quality

Each trumpet recording in the dataset meets stringent quality standards, offering pristine sound quality and fidelity, empowering users to create professional-grade trumpet arrangements and compositions with authenticity and ease.


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