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Trap dataset for AI-Generated Music

Trap music, which has deep origins in the Southern hip-hop culture, has grown into a global sensation known for powerful bass, quick hi-hats, and gritty storylines that mirror the realities of street life. Our Trap Music Dataset is useful for a variety of machine learning training tasks, including generative AI music, Music Information Retrieval (MIR), source separation, and more.

Integrate your machine learning projects in the dynamic world of trap music, and use the dataset's rich metadata to improve model training across many applications. Our Trap Music Dataset provides an extensive and finely-tuned resource for your study, whether you're creating generative compositions, improving source separation techniques, or delving into the complexities of MIR. Improve your machine learning skills by focusing on the sounds and intricacies that constitute trap music's distinct and influential world.

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Dataset Highlights


Diverse Trap Elements

The dataset encompasses a wide array of trap music elements, including drum patterns, basslines, melodies, and synth arrangements. This diversity enables AI models to capture the intricacies of trap music production and generate compositions that reflect the genre's dynamic nature.

High-quality Records.gif

High-Quality Audio Samples

Featuring high-fidelity audio samples, the dataset ensures that AI models have access to premium sound sources. This contributes to the production of realistic and immersive trap music, enhancing the overall quality of the generated compositions.


Annotated Metadata

Each sample in the dataset is accompanied by annotated metadata, providing detailed information on key, tempo, and other relevant musical attributes. This metadata aids AI models in understanding the structural components of trap music and facilitates more accurate and context-aware generation.


Large-Scale Dataset

With a substantial volume of diverse musical content, the Trap Dataset offers a large-scale training environment for AI models. This extensive dataset enables models to learn the intricate patterns and nuances of trap music, leading to more sophisticated and compelling generative outputs.


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