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Reggaeton dataset for AI-Generated Music

Reggaeton, with its peculiar dembow rhythm and rapid beats, provides an intriguing challenge for machine learning models. The dataset provides an excellent chance to train models for generative AI music, allowing the generation of reggaeton-inspired songs.

Take a look into the heart of reggaeton with our expertly produced dataset, which serves as a portal to unlocking the full potential of machine learning applications in music. Engage yourself in the lively and rhythmic world of reggaeton to elevate your work in generative AI, MIR, source separation, and beyond.

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Dataset Highlights


Metadata and Annotations

Each audio sample in the dataset is accompanied by detailed metadata and annotations, providing information about key, tempo, and other relevant musical attributes. This additional information aids AI models in understanding the musical context and assists users in navigating the dataset effectively.

High-quality Records.gif

High-Quality Audio

All audio samples in the dataset are of high quality, ensuring that AI-generated reggaeton music maintains professional-grade audio standards. This facilitates the creation of realistic and enjoyable music through AI algorithms.


Diverse Musical Elements

The dataset includes a rich assortment of reggaeton-specific musical elements, such as drum patterns, percussion loops, basslines, synthesizer melodies, vocal samples, and effects. This diversity ensures that the AI models have access to a wide range of components to create authentic and varied reggaeton compositions.


Tempo and Rhythm Variability

Reggaeton is known for its dynamic tempo and rhythmic variations. The dataset captures the essence of reggaeton by providing samples at different tempos, allowing AI models to learn and adapt to the genre's characteristic pace changes.


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