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Orchestral dataset for AI-Generated Music

The Orchestral dataset is a comprehensive collection designed to support a wide range of machine learning applications from its complex chord progressions and dynamic instrumentation to precise key signatures, tempos, and timestamps. This expansive dataset features audio tracks paired with detailed metadata, providing invaluable insights into the intricate world of orchestral music. At the heart of this dataset lies the grandeur and majesty of the orchestra, a symphonic powerhouse comprising a vast array of instruments. From the soaring melodies of the strings to the resounding brass fanfares, from the delicate whispers of the woodwinds to the thunderous percussion.

The orchestral dataset provides an ideal platform for source separation research, enabling the development of state-of-the-art algorithms for isolating individual instruments within a dense orchestral mix. By leveraging the diversity of instrumentation and performance styles captured in this dataset, researchers can push the boundaries of audio signal processing, unlocking new techniques for enhancing sound quality, enabling remixing capabilities, and facilitating immersive listening experiences.

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Dataset Highlights


Orchestra Ensemble

The "Orchestral" dataset features recordings of a full orchestra, including strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion sections, providing a comprehensive resource for composers, conductors, and music producers.

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Authentic Performance Dynamics

With a focus on capturing genuine orchestral performances, the dataset includes a wide range of dynamics, articulations, and expressive techniques, ensuring realism and depth in musical compositions.


Versatile Genre Adaptability

Suitable for classical symphonies, film scores, video game soundtracks, and more, the dataset's recordings are adaptable to various musical styles and settings, catering to the diverse needs of composers and multimedia creators.


Ethically Sourced

With copyright-cleared and meticulously sourced content, the dataset guarantees high-quality recordings, maintaining ethical standards for orchestra enthusiasts and creators.


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