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Mambo dataset for AI-Generated Music

Engage your models in the vibrant world of Mambo, where synchronized rhythms, brass orchestration, and playful percussion create a memorable musical experience. Training a model on this dataset allows you to capture Mambo's distinctive traits, which improves its capacity to generate creative and original musical compositions.

The dataset includes vital information such as chords, instrumentation, key, tempo, and timestamps, providing a complete picture of each music. This dataset is ideal for machine learning enthusiasts and may be used for a variety of applications, such as generative AI music, Music Information Retrieval (MIR), and source separation.

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Dataset Highlights


Genre Diversity

The Mambo dataset encompasses a wide range of musical genres, ensuring a rich and varied source of inspiration for AI models. From classical to contemporary, electronic to jazz, Mambo includes diverse genres to encourage exploration and innovation in AI music generation.

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Multitrack Compositions

One distinguishing feature of Mambo is its inclusion of multitrack compositions. This allows AI models to understand and learn the intricate details of individual instrument tracks, promoting nuanced and sophisticated music generation across various instruments.


Metadata Enrichment

Each musical piece in the dataset is accompanied by detailed metadata. This information may include genre labels, tempo, key signature, and other relevant details. Such metadata enriches the dataset, facilitating fine-grained control and customization during the training and generation processes.


High-Quality Audio Samples

Quality is prioritized in Mambo, with audio samples provided in high fidelity. This ensures that AI models can capture and replicate the subtleties of musical expression, resulting in more authentic and enjoyable music generation.


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