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Kalimba dataset for AI-Generated Music

The Kalimba Dataset is a comprehensive collection that presents Kalimba's enchanting sounds and rhythmic melodies. From soothing lullabies to spirited folk tunes, each track provides chords, instrumentation, key, tempo, timestamps, and so much more to genuinely capture the kalimba's unique timbre and cultural significance. In the field of machine-learning and AI music creation, the Kalimba dataset has been carefully curated to spark creativity from users to aid their endeavour.

The Kalimba dataset empowers users to build advanced algorithms that can analyze and synthesize kalimba performances with accuracy, pushing the limits of music analysis and synthesis in a classical instrument world by means of comprehensive metadata attached to each track. Because of this, Kalimba serves as a foundational resource for Music Information Retrieval (MIR) research, facilitating tasks such as timbral analysis, genre classification, and cultural exploration.

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Dataset Highlights


Diverse Kalimba Varieties

The "Kalimba" dataset comprises a wide range of kalimba instruments, including different types such as Mbira, Sansa, and Hugh Tracey kalimbas, offering a comprehensive selection for musicians, composers, and music producers.

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Authentic Kalimba Performances:

Meticulously captured recordings showcase the resonant tones, melodic intricacies, and rhythmic patterns of kalimba playing, ensuring realism and depth in musical compositions.


Ethically Sourced and Copyright-Cleared

Committed to ethical standards, all content in the dataset is responsibly sourced and copyright-cleared, allowing users to utilize the kalimba recordings with confidence while upholding ethical practices in music creation.


Premium Audio Quality

Each kalimba recording in the dataset meets stringent quality standards, offering pristine sound quality and fidelity, empowering users to create professional-grade kalimba arrangements and compositions with authenticity and ease.


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