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Guqin dataset for AI-Generated Music

The Guqin's distinct properties, such as its seven-string construction, traditional tuning system, and creative playing styles, make this dataset an excellent resource for training machine learning models. The dataset not only captures the melodic characteristics of Guqin playing, but it also conveys the cultural and historical significance of this treasured instrument.

Each audio file in this dataset comes with detailed metadata, providing a thorough comprehension of the musical content. The metadata contains information on chords, instrumentation, key, tempo, timestamps, and other details, allowing scholars and developers to delve deeply into the complexities of Guqin music.

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Dataset Highlights


Rich and Authentic Guqin Samples

The dataset includes a diverse range of authentic guqin samples, capturing the nuanced expressions, techniques, and tonalities inherent to this classical Chinese instrument. These high-quality recordings provide a solid foundation for AI models to understand and replicate the essence of guqin music.

High-quality Records.gif

Annotated Musical Metadata

Each guqin sample is accompanied by detailed annotations, including musical notes, dynamics, tempo, and other relevant information. This metadata is crucial for training AI algorithms to comprehend the intricate patterns and structures present in guqin compositions.


Cross-Genre Exploration

The Guqin Dataset encourages cross-genre exploration by incorporating variations and adaptations of guqin music. This enables AI models to experiment with blending traditional guqin elements with diverse musical genres, fostering innovation and creativity in AI-generated music.


Open Access and Licensing

The dataset is made available with open access and appropriate licensing, facilitating widespread use and collaboration within the AI and music communities. This encourages researchers and developers to build upon the dataset, contributing to the advancement of AI-generated music.


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