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Future Pop dataset for AI-Generated Music

Our dataset captures the spirit of future pop music, a genre distinguished by its use of electronic elements, cutting-edge production techniques, and a forward-thinking approach to sound. As you train your machine learning models with this dataset, you'll immerse them in the distinct auditory landscape of future pop.

This Future Pop Dataset is ideal for a wide range of machine learning training applications and opens up new possibilities. Whether you're working on generative AI music, Music Information Retrieval (MIR), or source separation issues, this dataset provides your models with extensive, high-quality content.

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Dataset Highlights


Diverse Genre Fusion

FuturePop embraces a fusion of genres, seamlessly blending elements of pop, electronic, synthwave, and experimental music. This diversity allows AI models to capture the essence of contemporary musical landscapes while encouraging the exploration of novel soundscapes.

High-quality Records.gif

High-Quality Audio Samples

The dataset consists of high-fidelity audio samples, providing a rich and immersive experience for both training and testing AI models. The samples cover a wide range of tempos, melodies, and instrumentations, allowing for versatile experimentation.


Annotations and Metadata

Each music sample is accompanied by detailed annotations and metadata, including key, tempo, mood, and instrumentation information. This facilitates fine-tuning and customization, enabling developers to create AI models that generate music tailored to specific preferences.


Ethical AI Practices

The dataset is curated with a focus on ethical considerations, ensuring that the content aligns with responsible AI practices. Developers can confidently use FuturePop to create AI models that prioritize inclusivity and cultural sensitivity in music generation.

Future Pop

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