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Film dataset for AI-Generated Music

Training a model on this dataset opens the door to generative AI music, allowing algorithms to compose creative songs that are stylistically similar to film scores. The incorporation of chords, instrumentation, key, and tempo data allows machine learning models to recognize and reproduce the emotive properties of many genres, hence increasing the authenticity of generated songs.

Designed for machine learning enthusiasts and researchers, this dataset is a significant resource for a variety of use cases, particularly generative AI music, Music Information Retrieval (MIR), and source separation applications. With so much comprehensive metadata available, producers and scholars may delve into the complexities of cinema music, revealing the possibility for unique and immersive musical experiences.

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Dataset Highlights


Diverse Musical Genres

The "Film" dataset encompasses a wide range of musical genres, from orchestral scores to electronic soundscapes, catering to various cinematic moods and storytelling needs.

High-quality Records.gif

High-Quality Recordings

Each musical piece in the dataset is meticulously recorded and curated, ensuring high fidelity and authenticity to provide a professional-grade resource for filmmakers and composers.


Versatile Application

Beyond its primary use in film scoring, the dataset's compositions can also enhance multimedia projects, video games, advertisements, and other audiovisual productions.


Extensive Library

With a vast library of compositions and soundscapes, the "Film" dataset offers an extensive collection of musical assets to suit diverse cinematic projects, from indie films to blockbuster productions.


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