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Easy Listening Acoustic Dataset for AI-Generated Music

The Easy Listening Acoustic Dataset is a collection of calming acoustic music recordings. It's used to train AI models in creating soothing and mellow music for relaxation and background purposes. Ideal for AI music generation focused on easy-listening tracks.

The Easy Listening Acoustic Dataset for AI Music Generation is a curated collection of audio recordings featuring acoustic music tracks designed to be soothing and relaxing to the listener. This dataset is intended to be used as a resource for training artificial intelligence (AI) models in the field of music generation.

The tracks within the dataset typically feature acoustic instruments like guitars, pianos, strings, and possibly light percussion. The compositions are characterized by their calm and melodious nature, often lacking complex rhythms and intense dynamics. This simplicity allows AI models to focus on learning the subtleties of melody, harmony, and timbre in a less intricate musical context.

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Dataset Highlights


Soothing Acoustic Melodies

Immerse yourself in the tranquil world of easy listening acoustic music. This dataset boasts a rich collection of serene and melodic acoustic compositions that are perfect for creating relaxing and comforting AI-generated tracks.

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Meticulously Curated Acoustic Elements

Explore the beauty of acoustic music through this dataset's carefully curated selection of elements. From gentle guitar strums to heartfelt piano melodies, every element is designed to evoke emotions and bring a sense of calm to your AI-generated compositions.


Authentic Acoustic Soundscapes

Elevate your music creations with the authentic soundscapes of acoustic instruments. This dataset offers a diverse range of acoustic sounds, from warm strings to subtle percussion, allowing you to craft AI-generated music that resonates with authenticity and simplicity.


Versatile Mood Creation

Whether you're crafting background melodies for videos or producing soulful acoustic ballads, this dataset offers versatile acoustic elements that let you effortlessly create music with the desired mood. Explore a spectrum of emotions and atmospheres in your AI-generated tracks.

Easy Listening Acoustic

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