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Chillout dataset for AI-Generated Music

Train your machines in the soothing sounds of chillout dataset, a genre noted for its relaxed and serene atmosphere. The dataset captures the essence of chillout with carefully chosen tunes that have slow tempos, delicate melodies, and ambient atmospheres.

Utilize the power of generative AI music by training your models on a dataset that captures the distinct characteristics of chillout. The genre's eclectic instrumentation, which frequently incorporates elements of ambient, downtempo, and world music, provides an enormous canvas for artistic expression. Use this dataset to train your models to create captivating and immersive chillout compositions suitable for relaxation and ambient settings.

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Dataset Highlights


Licensing Information

The dataset provides clear licensing information for each composition, ensuring that researchers and developers can use the dataset in compliance with copyright and licensing regulations.

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Diverse Musical Elements

The dataset encompasses a wide array of musical elements commonly associated with Chillout music, including ambient textures, soothing melodies, rhythmic patterns, and harmonic progressions.



Each music piece in the dataset is accompanied by detailed metadata, providing information on key, tempo, instrumentation, and other relevant parameters. This aids in better understanding the characteristics of the generated music.


Variety in Styles

The dataset includes Chillout compositions spanning various sub-genres, such as ambient, downtempo, and lounge. This diversity allows AI models to learn and generate music that caters to different preferences within the Chillout genre.


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