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Charango dataset for AI-Generated Music

The Charango dataset has been carefully selected to foster innovation in applications of machine learning and music research. This comprehensive set brings to the listener a fascinating Andean folk music landscape and beyond, celebrating the unique sound and cultural significance of this charango. From lively huaynos to introspective chacareras, each audio recording offers a glimpse into the charango's rich tonal palette and emotive depth.

The detailed metadata on each audio recording gives users the ability to build sophisticated algorithms that can analyse and synthesise charango performances with precision, thereby breaking down boundaries of music analysis and composition in traditional instruments. This dataset serves as a foundational resource for Music Information Retrieval (MIR) research, facilitating tasks such as style recognition, melody extraction, and cultural analysis.

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Dataset Highlights


Varied Charango Styles

The "Charango" dataset features a diverse range of charango performances, including traditional Andean music, contemporary folk, and fusion compositions, providing a versatile resource for charango players, composers, and music enthusiasts.

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Authentic Charango Techniques

Carefully captured recordings showcase the distinctive timbres, intricate fingerpicking patterns, and rhythmic strumming of charango playing, ensuring realism and depth in musical compositions.


Ethically Sourced and Copyright-Cleared

Committed to ethical standards, all content in the dataset is responsibly sourced and copyright-cleared, allowing users to utilize the charango recordings with confidence while upholding ethical practices in music creation.


Premium Audio Quality

Each charango recording in the dataset meets stringent quality standards, offering pristine sound quality and fidelity, empowering users to create professional-grade charango performances and compositions with authenticity and ease.


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