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Celtic Reel Dataset for AI-Generated Music

The Celtic Reels dataset is a collection of music for AI music generation focused on Celtic reels and Irish/Scottish music. It includes recordings, sheet music, and metadata from traditional and contemporary sources. This dataset enables AI models to learn the intricacies of Celtic reel melodies, rhythms, and structures, fostering AI-assisted composition and exploration within the realm of Irish and Scottish music.

"The Celtic Reels dataset aims to capture the rich musical heritage of Celtic cultures, providing a comprehensive resource for AI models to learn the intricate nuances, melodic patterns, and rhythmic structures that define Celtic reels. By training AI models on this dataset, researchers and musicians can explore new avenues of AI-assisted composition, arrangement, and improvisation within the context of Celtic music.

The dataset not only enables the generation of new Celtic reel compositions but also facilitates the exploration of variations, harmonizations, and stylistic blends within the realm of Irish and Scottish music."

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Dataset Highlights


Authentic Celtic Reel Elements

The Celtic Reel Dataset for AI-Generated Music offers a rich collection of authentic Celtic reel elements, including traditional Irish melodies, lively fiddle tunes, rhythmic bodhrán beats, and melodic tin whistle phrases.

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Wide Variety of Instruments

This dataset features a wide range of traditional Celtic instruments, such as fiddle, flute, bodhrán, guitar, and more. With this diverse instrument selection, you can create AI-generated music that encompasses the vibrant and distinctive sound of Celtic reels.


Dynamic Tempo and Rhythm Options

The Celtic Reel Dataset provides dynamic tempo and rhythm options, allowing you to explore different tempos and rhythmic patterns commonly found in Celtic music. Whether you want to create energetic and fast-paced reels or melodic and graceful tunes, this dataset offers the flexibility to adapt to various Celtic music styles.


Celtic Reel Variations and Combinations

With the Celtic Reel Dataset, you can experiment with variations and combinations of traditional Celtic reel elements, giving you the freedom to craft unique and captivating AI-generated Celtic music compositions. Blend different melodies, rhythms, and instrumentations to create a truly personalized Celtic reel experience.

Celtic Reel

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