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Acoustic Bass dataset for AI-Generated Music

The Acoustic Bass dataset has been carefully created to fuel innovation in the field of machine learning applications and music research. The overall collection displays the fundamental rhythm and resonance warmth of acoustic bass, underpinning ensembles in various genres with its special tone and tempo. From pulsating jazz walking lines to deep-rooted funk grooves, each audio recording offers a glimpse into the acoustic bass's rich tonal palette and expressive depth, peoviding users with chords, instrumentation, key, tempo, timestamps and much more.

The Acoustic Bass dataset serves as a foundational resource for Music Information Retrieval (MIR) research, facilitating tasks such as bassline recognition, genre classification, and ensemble analysis. With detailed metadata attached to each audio recording, the development of sophisticated algorithms that can analyse and synthesize acoustic bass performances with precision is opening a new frontier in music analysis and synthesis on strings instruments.

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Dataset Highlights


Comprehensive Acoustic Bass Collection

The "Acoustic Bass" dataset offers a diverse array of acoustic bass performances, covering various playing styles, techniques, and musical genres, catering to the needs of bassists, composers, and music producers.

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Authentic Acoustic Bass Expressions

Meticulously captured recordings showcase the rich timbres, resonant tones, and rhythmic grooves of the acoustic bass, ensuring realism and depth in musical compositions.


Ethically Sourced and Copyright-Cleared

Committed to ethical standards, all content in the dataset is responsibly sourced and copyright-cleared, allowing users to utilize the acoustic bass recordings with confidence while upholding ethical practices in music creation.


Premium Audio Quality

Each acoustic bass recording in the dataset meets stringent quality standards, offering pristine sound quality and fidelity, empowering users to create professional-grade bass lines and compositions with authenticity and ease.

Acoustic Bass

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