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Vocal Vault

VocalVault is a game-changing AI music dataset that is designed to offer users a vast collection of high-quality vocal samples, making it easier than ever to create unique and expressive music. This innovative dataset includes vocal samples that enables users to create music that is truly one-of-a-kind.



Dataset Highlights

A vector image or line art of a microphone beside a music staff with notes with transparent background



Explore an extensive array of vocal styles, ranging from soulful ballads to powerful anthems, providing the perfect foundation for any musical project.

A vector image of several horizontal lines forming a circle with a music note cut out in the middle of it with transparent background


Utilize a collection of original copyrighted lyrics, fostering creative AI-driven compositions while maintaining respect for artistic ownership.

A vector image of two chat symbols showing the english alphabet A and a japanese character to symbolize translation with transparent background


Discover the beauty of diverse languages and cultures with vocals representing a broad spectrum of traditions and styles, enriching your musical palette.

A symbol of a window file with two arrows pointing opposite directions with a slash separating them with transparent background



Leverage rich metadata for each vocal track, including key, tempo, singer details, and descriptive information, enabling seamless integration and creative exploration.


VocalVault offers a diverse range of meticulously curated vocal samples, including male and female vocals, solo and group performances, and a variety of musical styles. The dataset has been sourced from top industry professionals, ensuring its quality and legality.​ It is the ultimate vocal dataset for AI applications seeking a premium dataset of vocals for AI-generated music. Whether you're creating AI avatars as artists or launching an AI vocal generator, VocalVault offers the versatility and inspiration required for AI vocal success

One of the key features of VocalVault is its ability to generate new vocal samples based on existing ones. The sophisticated vocal dataset can be trained endlessly, resulting in entirely new and unique vocal performances that offer endless creative possibilities.

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