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Unlock the full potential of generative AI music with MelodyMorph, a meticulously crafted dataset that emphasizes melodies and harmonies. At GCX, we understand the importance of a captivating melody and the power of harmony, which is why we've created MelodyMorph to cater specifically to these elements.


Dataset Highlights

A treble cleft with transparent background



Explore an extensive array of melodic styles, ranging from simple and catchy tunes to complex and intricate compositions, catering to a wide variety of projects and applications.

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Uncover the depth and beauty of harmonies with datasets that focus on chord progressions, inversions, and other harmonic intricacies, perfect for enhancing your music's emotional resonance.

a heartbeat monitor line with a treble cleft at the middle with transparent background



Delve into melodies and harmonies from various genres, including pop, jazz, classical, and more, offering endless possibilities for creative inspiration and fusion.

Wiggly music staff with notes with a globe at the backgorund with transparent background


Discover the unique melodic and harmonic characteristics of different world cultures, expanding your creative horizons and enriching your musical palette.

A symbol of a window file with two arrows pointing opposite directions with a slash separating them with transparent background



Gain valuable insights with rich metadata for each file, including key, tempo, time signature, and descriptive details, facilitating a deeper understanding of the melodic and harmonic content.

MelodyMorph Image_edited.jpg

MelodyMorph is designed to provide endless creative possibilities for you. With a focus on high-quality melody and harmony data, this dataset serves as a valuable resource for your AI music projects.

One of the key features of MelodyMorph is its ability to facilitate the creation of new melodies based on existing ones. The dataset's vastness can enable you to generate new melodies by morphing existing ones, resulting in endless creative possibilities. 

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