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Elevate your AI music generation with BeatBank, a comprehensive dataset featuring millions of beats and rhythms designed to energize your creative projects. At GCX, we understand the importance of a solid rhythmic foundation, and with BeatBank, we deliver just that - an extensive collection to satisfy your every beat and groove need.



Dataset Highlights

several lines forming an odd geometric shape with transparent background



Immerse yourself in a vast array of beats, from simple patterns to intricate polyrhythms, suitable for any genre or project.

a heartbeat monitor line with a treble cleft in the middle with transparent background



Explore beats and rhythms from a wide range of genres, including pop, hip-hop, electronic, rock, jazz, and more, to fuel your creativity and diversify your productions.

a xylophone symbol graphic with transparent background


Discover the pulse of global music traditions with beats and rhythms from various cultures, adding unique flavors to your projects.

A vector image of a diamond inside a circle with transparent background


Experience exceptional sound quality with high-resolution WAV files, ensuring a professional and polished final product.

A symbol of a window file with two arrows pointing opposite directions with a slash separating them with transparent background



Leverage detailed metadata for each beat, including tempo, time signature, and descriptive information, for a seamless integration into your projects.

BeatBank Image.jpg

BeatBank is the ultimate resource for AI applications seeking an extensive and diverse collection of beats and rhythms. Whether you're creating an AI-driven DAW or looking to create your own music at scale, BeatBank offers the inspiration and versatility you need to succeed.

BeatBank contains a large collection of high-quality electronic music beats that have been curated for use in AI-generated music. The datasets existing beats can be trained on and customized in perpetuity, resulting in entirely new and unique compositions. 

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