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The Classical Dataset for AI-Generated Music is a groundbreaking AI music dataset specially curated to cater to the classical music genre. This meticulously crafted dataset offers a vast collection of high-quality classical compositions, enabling users to create and explore the realm of AI-generated classical music like never before.

Whether you are composing symphonies, sonatas, or chamber music, this dataset unlocks limitless possibilities, allowing you to bring classical compositions to life and preserve the spirit of the genre through innovative AI-generated music.

Dataset Highlights


Extensive Classical Repertoire

The Classical Dataset offers an extensive collection of meticulously curated compositions from various classical music eras, including Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and more.


Authentic Instrumentation

The dataset captures the essence of classical music through its authentic instrumentation. It includes samples of orchestral instruments like violins, cellos, flutes, trumpets, and more, meticulously recorded to ensure high fidelity. 


Harmonic Complexities and  Musical Structure

The Classical Dataset reflects this characteristic by providing intricate and various harmonies, chord progressions, and melodic motifs.


Versatile Use Cases

 Whether you are a filmmaker or a content creator, this dataset offers immense creative possibilities for incorporating classical music into your projects.


The Classical Dataset comprises an extensive range of classical music pieces sourced from renowned composers and performers, ensuring authenticity and excellence.


From baroque to romantic, users can immerse themselves in the rich heritage of classical music and harness its timeless beauty to create their own compositions.

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