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This innovative dataset aims to empower users with a rich collection of meticulously curated musical elements and patterns inspired by Urdu musical traditions and culture.


The Urdu Dataset for AI-Generated Music opens up new avenues of musical expression. From creating original compositions infused with Urdu musical nuances to exploring innovative fusions with contemporary genres, this dataset offers endless possibilities for making evocative, authentic, and culturally enriched Urdu music. Unleash your creativity, honor the heritage of Urdu music, and embark on a journey of artistic exploration like never before.

Dataset Highlights


Rich Collection of Urdu Musical Elements

From traditional instruments like sitar and tabla to melodic patterns and vocal styles, this dataset provides a comprehensive range of authentic Urdu musical elements.


Cultural Authenticity

The dataset captures the essence of Urdu music's unique characteristics, allowing AI-generated compositions to reflect the beauty and depth of the Urdu musical tradition.


Genre Diversity

From classical ghazals to Qawwali and folk tunes, this dataset offers a wide array of genre-specific musical elements, enabling users to explore and experiment with different styles of Urdu music.


Emotional Expressiveness

The dataset highlights melodic patterns, scales, and lyrics that evoke a range of emotions, including love, longing, joy, and melancholy. By incorporating these emotional elements, AI-generated music can capture the soul-stirring essence of Urdu music.


The dataset comprises a diverse range of Urdu melodies, rhythms, and instrumentations sourced from talented Urdu musicians and experts in the field. With a focus on authenticity and quality, the dataset comprehensively represents Urdu music styles, including ghazals, qawwalis, folk tunes, and more.

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