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The EDM Dataset for AI-Generated Music is a groundbreaking AI music dataset focusing on the electronic dance music (EDM) genre. Elevate electronic music production by leveraging this extensive collection of high-quality samples and AI-generated possibilities.


Unleash your EDM creativity and bring your musical vision to life with the EDM Dataset for AI-Generated Music.

Dataset Highlights


Extensive Range of EDM Elements

The EDM Dataset for AI-Generated Music offers a comprehensive collection of EDM elements, including pulsating basslines, energetic drum patterns, vibrant synth melodies, and dynamic chord progressions.

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High-Quality Sample Library

Each sample is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of EDM, ensuring that the resulting AI-generated music maintains the characteristic energy, excitement, and sonic richness that define the genre.


Genre-Specific Variations

The EDM Dataset encompasses various subgenres within EDM, such as trance, dubstep, house, and more. With genre-specific variation, you can delve into specific EDM styles or experiment with hybrid genres, allowing for endless possibilities in producing unique and captivating AI-generated EDM tracks.


Versatile Tempo and Key Options

Whether you're aiming for high-octane festival anthems or chilled-out electronic vibes, the versatility of tempo and critical options ensures flexibility and adaptability in your AI-generated EDM music compositions.


The EDM Dataset features meticulously curated EDM samples, including synth loops, drum patterns, basslines, vocal snippets, and atmospheric effects. These samples cover a broad spectrum of EDM sub-genres, such as house, trance, dubstep, and more. The dataset is sourced from top EDM professionals and ensures exceptional quality and relevance to contemporary EDM styles.

With the help of advanced AI technology, the EDM Dataset empowers users to generate new EDM compositions by manipulating and morphing the existing samples. Users can experiment with combinations, tempos, and arrangements, unleashing their creativity to produce EDM tracks that resonate with audiences.

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