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Mariachi Dataset for AI-Generated Music

The Mariachi dataset is a collection of audio recordings and metadata specifically curated for AI music generation in the Mariachi genre. It includes diverse mariachi songs with instrumental tracks and vocal performances. The dataset enables training AI models for tasks like generating mariachi melodies, harmonies, or complete compositions, and exploring music transcription, genre classification, and style transfer. It captures the essence and cultural heritage of mariachi music.

The Mariachi dataset is a collection of audio recordings and corresponding metadata specifically curated for AI music generation tasks focused on the genre of mariachi music. Mariachi is a traditional Mexican musical style characterized by vibrant instrumentation, including trumpets, violins, guitars, and other instruments, as well as passionate vocal performances.

The dataset consists of a diverse range of mariachi songs, encompassing different tempos, moods, and melodic structures. It includes both instrumental tracks and vocal performances, providing a rich variety of musical elements for training AI models. The audio recordings are typically in a digital format, such as WAV or MP3, and are annotated with corresponding metadata, such as song title, artist, tempo, key signature, and other relevant information.

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Dataset Highlights


Authentic Mariachi Sound

The Mariachi Dataset for AI-Generated Music captures the essence of traditional Mariachi music, offering a wide range of authentic instruments, including trumpets, violins, guitars, vihuelas, and guitarróns. This dataset ensures that AI-generated music reflects the vibrant and rich sound of Mariachi, enabling users to create compositions that stay true to the genre's cultural heritage.

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Varied Mariachi Styles

The dataset encompasses various Mariachi styles, such as Ranchera, Huapango, Son Jalisciense, and more. Each style has its own distinct characteristics, allowing users to explore and experiment with different Mariachi subgenres and create AI-generated music that represents the diversity within the Mariachi tradition.


Melodic Phrasing and Ornamentation

The Mariachi Dataset includes melodic phrasing and ornamentation specific to Mariachi music. These intricacies add depth and authenticity to the AI-generated compositions, capturing the expressive nuances and embellishments that are fundamental to the Mariachi sound.


Harmonic Progressions and Rhythmic Patterns

The dataset offers a range of harmonic progressions and rhythmic patterns commonly found in Mariachi music. These elements provide a strong foundation for creating AI-generated music with the characteristic chord progressions and lively rhythms that define the genre.


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